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Update, we now have AliereCare plans which are 1/2 the cost of Marketplace plans.

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Open Enrollment for 2018 
Rates are based on income.
Do you qualify for reduced premiums?
Medical insurance rates are now based on income. We have the tools to make sure you pay the lowest rate possible. Call us to see if you qualify for health insurance with reduced premiums.
Affordable Care Act - Marketplace Plans
Open Enrollment for ACA plans is from November 1st through January 31st each year. TennHealth can ensure that you are enrolled correctly with the proper tax credits to reduce your premiums. We offer this FREE personal service to the state of Tennessee. You will not have to wait on hold with government workers to process your enrollment. Call us today to enroll! Outside of open enrollment, you may still qualify for a plan.
View BCBST, Cigna, and Humana
plans and rates - apply online.
If you would like to see if you quality for reduced premiums and reduced deductibles, please call to speak with a licensed agent who can personally help you.
Qualifying life events
  • Had a birth or adoption
  • Recently married
  • Permanently moved to a new address
  • Lost health insurance due to death of primary policy holder
  • Lost health insurance due to loss of employment
  • Lost health insurance due to reduction of employment hours
  • Lost health insurance due to divorce or legal separation
  • Lost health insurance when policy holder became Medicare eligible
  • Lost health insurance due to retirement
  • Lost health insurance due to exceeded age limit
  • Lost health insurance due to exhausted COBRA coverage
  • Non-calendar year policy expiration
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